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  • DVU Selvregulerende varmekabel med termostat Handy Heat

    DVU self-regulating cable with thermostat

    kr. 410,00kr. 1.493,75
  • DVU varmekabel Selvregulerende Handy Heat

    DVU Self-regulating cable without thermostat

    kr. 508,75kr. 1.417,50
  • 45m frostsikringkabel med termostat DVC 22

    Antifreeze cable with thermostat

    kr. 556,99kr. 1.011,68
  • Handyfix tape Handy Heat Dansk Varmekabel

    Handyfix tape - 1 meter

    kr. 20,90
  • pakedåse 2 handyheat

    Gasket for heating cable

    kr. 406,25
  • 20 meter Pex guard


    kr. 477,50kr. 968,75
  • Tillæg for vandfast termostat på DVU kabel frostsikring

    Supplement for waterproof thermostat

    kr. 212,50

Frost protection is an important element when it comes to underfloor heating systems. During the coldest months of the year, the temperature can drop significantly, which in the worst case can lead to freezing. This can result in extensive damage and potentially costly repairs. Therefore, to best protect your underfloor heating system, it's a good idea to consider investing in frost protection. When it comes to frost-protecting your installations, there are different solutions. The best solution, however, depends on various factors, including which specific system you use and where you use it.

Frost protection of water pipes

When we talk about frost protection, there are several different methods. One of the most used solutions for underfloor heating is so-called frost protection cables. This type of cable is equipped with a built-in thermostat that is programmed to turn on when the temperature reaches +5 degrees. This is also why this type of frost protection cable is often referred to as a self-regulating heating cable. It's an effective way to frost protect your underfloor heating system, which at the same time means that you don't constantly have to be vigilant and monitor the temperature to ensure that your underfloor heating system doesn't get damaged by the cold temperatures.

Another method to protect water pipes from frost is to use winter mats. Winter Mats are heat mats used to maintain a constant temperature around the water pipes, even in extreme weather conditions. They are particularly useful in construction, where they can be placed around exposed water pipes to prevent freezing or to ensure the hardening of concrete is not damaged by frost. These mats provide even heat that helps keep the water pipes above freezing and prevent ice formation and burst pipes.

Why use a heating cable for frost protection?

One of the best arguments for using a heating cable for frost protection is the practical and smart self-regulating function. This means that the system takes care of itself, and you don't have to manually turn on the cables when the cold months arrive. There are different types of frost protection cables, which differ from each other by the type of thermostat used. Here you can choose a standard thermostat or a waterproof thermostat. The waterproof thermostat is particularly suitable for underfloor heating in bathrooms.

You can also choose a heating cable without a thermostat - a so-called DVU cable, which maintains a constant and specific temperature at all times. This is a solution most often used in industry or public institutions that want to secure their various pipe installations. However, this does not mean that you cannot use this type of cable as a private individual. If you want to frost-protect your installations, but are unsure about the best solution, you are always welcome to contact us for advice and guidance.

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