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  • PV underlag parketvarme 5 mm Handy Heat

    7 m2 PV-underlay 5mm

    kr. 499,00
  • parketvarme pv1000 sæt Handy Heat

    Underfloor heating for boats

    kr. 250,00
  • parketvarme pv1000 sæt Handy Heat

    Floor Heating for Caravans

    kr. 250,00
  • Tæppevarme termostat campingvarme handy Heat

    Floor heating thermostat with floor sensor

    kr. 551,25
  • HandyHeat 922 thermostat

    HandyHeat 922 thermostat

    kr. 755,00
  • Kabel tilslutnings kit sæt

    Kit for cable connection - DIY

    kr. 152,50
  • 48v 300 Sikkerhedstransformator

    Safety transformer 48V/300 VA

    kr. 1.940,00

Underfloor heating for a caravan is an incredibly popular system and feature that adds extra comfort and warmth to the camping experience. Using heating elements embedded in the floor, the underfloor heating system can distribute pleasant warmth throughout the interior of the caravan. This allows you to enjoy a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, whether it's summer or winter. Caravan underfloor heating is easy to operate and can be adjusted to your preferences. It is an addition that makes the camping life even more enjoyable.

Caravan underfloor heating - how does it work?

Our underfloor heating systems for caravans work in the same way as those in homes, but are designed to fit the limited space and mobility of a caravan. A typical system will consist of electric heating cables or heat mats installed beneath the flooring. These cables or mats generate heat when electricity is supplied to the system.

A thermostat, often mounted on a wall in the caravan, controls the system. It measures the temperature in the floor via a sensor and turns the heating cables on or off depending on the set temperature. This creates a comfortable and uniform heat throughout the caravan, regardless of the outdoor temperature.

What are the benefits of electric underfloor heating in a caravan?

Electric underfloor heating in a caravan offers several advantages. First and foremost, it enhances comfort by maintaining an even and pleasant heat in the caravan, which is particularly valuable in cooler climates or in winter months. Additionally, the systems are typically energy efficient, using electricity to generate direct heat without waste. This can help reduce energy consumption.

They are also reliable and generally require minimal maintenance. Finally, caravan underfloor heating can be installed under various types of floor coverings, making them a flexible solution for many different caravan designs. The wide range of accessories for heating cables makes it possible to have caravan underfloor heating installed in virtually any caravan, regardless of age, condition, or type.

What does electric underfloor heating for caravans cost?

The price for electric underfloor heating for caravans can vary significantly, depending on several factors. These include the size and type of the heating system, the brand, and whether professional installation is needed. A simple heating cable system might be more affordable, while more advanced systems with built-in thermostats and energy-efficient features might cost a bit more.

Our prices start at DKK 250 and up, depending on the cables or system in question. Here it can be advantageous to buy a so-called heating cable kit instead of buying all the different parts separately, if you want affordable underfloor heating for your caravan. The advantage of buying a kit is also that you get all the necessary parts, which makes it more manageable when it comes to mounting and installing the system.

Installing underfloor heating in a caravan

When it comes to underfloor heating for caravans solutions, there are several options. You can choose to go with a cheap solution by focusing on finding affordable underfloor heating for a caravan. Of course, it will always be beneficial to invest in a new underfloor heating system, if you have the finances for it. However, at Handyheat, most can participate due to our competitive prices.

If you do not want to embark on a major renovation of your caravan to get a caravan with underfloor heating, you can choose a lighter and cheaper solution, which you can even install yourself and thus avoid the cost of a professional fitter. By choosing our Camping Heat, which is a 0.3 mm thick foil that can be mounted directly on the caravan floor, you can get an incredibly effective system at a favorable price.


Why choose caravan underfloor heating?

The Danish winters can get really cold. This is not fun if you are one of those who want to camp all year round. Here, caravan underfloor heating is the obvious solution.

Can you find used underfloor heating for a caravan?

Yes, it is possible to buy used underfloor heating for a caravan, but we do recommend that you buy it new so that it can also be adapted to your specific needs.

Where do you find affordable underfloor heating for a caravan?

At Handyheat you will find underfloor heating for caravans at an affordable price level, without compromising on quality.

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