HandyFix straps

HandyFix laying straps are intended for mounting 7 mm HandyCable with flexible c-c spacing at 25 mm intervals.

Use 1 meter HandyFix straps for every 6 meters of cable.

HandyHeat Cable Monitor

For control and monitoring of heating cables, heating mats and Parquet Heating before, during and after installation.

HandyHeat Alutape

Alutape 25 m x 50 mm is used for fixing DVU heating cable. The heating cable is fixed to the underside of the pipe with aluminum tape. The aluminum tape ensures a low contact resistance to the pipe and acts as a heat distributor. Approved for 120 ºC.

Box for installation of HandyHeat thermostat

Box for mounting the HandyHeat thermostat on a plasterboard wall.

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