Process Temperature Maintenance

We are the quick and flexible supplier of specially designed electric heating solutions.

We carry a large and varied stock of electric heating components, which enables us to produce special solutions within a short time.

If you have a project, contact us in order that we can supply you with a proposed solution.

Self-regulating Heating Cable

Selvregulerende Varmekabel tromle Handy Heat


Selvregulerende Varmekabel Handy Heat

DVT - 80ºC Series-resistance heating cables

Varmekabel DVT-20 Handy Heat


Heating Mats


Heating mat for heating industrial surfaces that require high power. 

The heating mat is flexible and can be mounted on all surfaces including cylindrical surfaces.

ESM-1510 Temperature Control

ESM 1510 Temperaturstyring Handy Heat



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