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    Parquet Heating

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Parquet heating is a heating system that is built under parquet floors. The system emits heat upwards, ensuring a comfortable and even heat in the room. Parquet heating is known for its energy efficiency as it optimizes the use of heat and minimizes heat loss. Additionally, it contributes to a better indoor climate by minimizing the circulation of dust compared to traditional heating systems. Therefore, parquet heating is a solution worth considering, whether you are building new or considering renovating.

How parquet heating works

Parquet heating is an intelligent heating system designed to create an even and comfortable heat in a room through heat emission through the floor. The system generally consists of a network of pipes laid under the parquet floor, circulating hot water, or electric heating cables. In a water-based system, hot water is pumped through the pipes, which emit heat to the floor, which in turn heats the room. The heat source can be many different types of heating systems, such as a gas or oil furnace, a heat pump, or solar heat.

Electric systems work by conducting electricity through a network of thin, electric cables or heating mats under the floor, which then emit heat. These systems are typically controlled by a thermostat, which ensures that the heat is regulated as needed. Parquet heating has many advantages. It can save energy as the heat is optimally utilized and distributed evenly in the room. It is also more hygienic as it minimizes the circulation of dust compared to conventional radiators. Also, due to its discreet location under the floor, it allows more flexibility in room design as there is no need for visible radiators.

How to get heat in your wooden floor

In most cases, people have various forms of underfloor heating solutions installed under tiles, but if you have a wooden floor and want heat in the floor, parquet floor heating is the optimal solution. However, the use of parquet heating with wooden floors requires special attention, as wood is a material that reacts to heat and moisture. First, you need to make sure that the wooden floor is suitable for underfloor heating. Some types of wood can withstand higher degrees of heat than others.

Once the system is installed, the temperature must be controlled carefully. For wooden floors, the surface temperature should generally not exceed 27 degrees to prevent the wood from drying out and deforming. The thermostat helps regulate the temperature, and it is important to gradually heat the floor, especially in colder months, to avoid sudden temperature changes that can damage the wood.

Can I install parquet heating myself?

Parquet heating is an innovative solution that combines the natural beauty of wooden floors with modern comfort and warmth. These systems utilize ultra-thin heating tapes, which are placed just under the surface of the wood and are specially designed for parquet and floating finished floors. Despite the significant innovative factor, it's not a system that is particularly complex in itself, making many consider mounting it themselves.

While it may be tempting to handle the entire installation process yourself, there are however important safety aspects to consider. Although it is permitted to lay out the heating tapes yourself, the actual connection to the power supply must always be performed by an authorized electrician. This ensures a safe and correct installation, which guarantees that your heating system works efficiently and safely.

Get heat in your wooden floor with parquet heating

The decision to install parquet heating in your home is an investment in comfort and style. However, finding the right products can be a challenge. It is important to choose a supplier that offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products at competitive prices. We can offer you a wide range of parquet floor heating products, from heating tapes to thermostats and other parts all of which have in common that the quality is top-notch and the price is low. So if you are considering heating in the floor parquet or wood, you'll find it here.

Heating in the floor parquet or other types of wooden floors, is a luxury that one quickly becomes accustomed to. When it comes to parquet heating, therefore, there are no advantages in opting for the cheapest solution, as the dream of luxury can quickly become a nightmare. With us, one should not mistake the competitive prices with low quality. Due to our extensive experience and large network, we can offer advantageous prices on parquet heating products of the highest quality. Therefore, you can advantageously choose


What is parquet heating film?

Parquet heating film is a type of electric floor heating, specially designed for use with parquet and wooden floors. It's thin, flexible, and helps to deliver even parquet heating.

How long can parquet heating last?

The lifespan of parquet heating depends on many factors, including the quality of the product and the installation. When installed correctly, a parquet heating system can last for many years.

Is it easy to get parquet heating?

Yes, it is relatively easy to get parquet heating. However, the installation requires careful planning and should be carried out by a professional to ensure that everything is mounted and installed correctly, and most importantly, safely.

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