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Mirror heating is a type of electric heat designed to prevent the formation of condensation on the mirror surface, typically in bathrooms. When turned on, a heating element, often mounted behind the mirror, generates a mild heat that keeps the mirror surface slightly warmer than the surrounding air. This prevents moisture in the air from condensing on the mirror, keeping it clear and fog-free, even after a hot bath or shower. Handyheat can advise you in relation to your needs and help you find the best mirror heat.

Mirror heating offers many benefits

A mirror with heat can transform your bathroom experience due to its many benefits. The most immediate benefit is that the mirror remains fog-free after a bath, meaning that you don't have to wipe it off or wait for the fog to disappear before you can use it. This means you don't have to stand and wait for the fog to disappear, so you can get started with shaving or applying makeup.

Mirror heating can also help maintain an even temperature on the mirror, which can help extend its lifespan by preventing condensation-related damage. Finally, heated mirrors can add a luxurious feel to your bathroom, increasing comfort and contributing to a spa-like atmosphere that you would wish you had noticed and invested in something earlier.

How to find mirror heating

When it comes to finding a mirror with heat, there are several different options. In Handyheats shop you can see our range of different products within mirror heating, all of which have in common that they are effective and reliable when it comes to the different benefits it provides to have a mirror with built-in heat. If you are in doubt about which solution is best for you, you are always welcome to contact us, so we can together find the best solution for you.

A mirror with heat doesn't have to be expensive

When it comes to underfloor heating, many fear the price. This also applies to a mirror with built-in heat. However, there is no need to be nervous, as it does not have to be expensive to find a heated mirror for your bathroom. The price can be influenced by the size, brand, and extra features the mirror has. There are also more economical models that still offer the desired heating function.

The benefits of mirror heating are that it can contribute to energy savings as it prevents condensation and moisture, which reduces the need for additional heating or ventilation in the room. A fog-free mirror is therefore a cheaper solution in the long run, which can justify spending a bit more on mirror heating than you would otherwise have done. It might not be noticeable in your daily life, but a mirror with heat is more economical in the long run and is therefore the right solution, even if it costs a little more.


Why choose mirror heating?

There are several good reasons to choose mirror heating, both practical and economic. Practically speaking, mirror heating provides a fog-free mirror, and it is also an economically good solution, as it can lead to a reduction in energy costs.

Does mirror heating provide a fog-free mirror?

Yes, mirror heating provides a fog-free mirror. This is a big advantage for those who both need to take a shower and style their hair before heading out the door and going to work in the morning.

What does a mirror with built-in heat cost?

As with all other products in various markets, the prices for mirror heating can vary. The different price ranges are determined by factors such as brand, model, quality, and specifications.

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