Floor Heating for Caravans

Underfloor heating has become very popular. Not without reason, as unheated floors can be cold and uncomfortable in the winter months. With Floor Heating for Caravans you can always ensure the best floor comfort, even on the coldest days.

Info about heating foil

Carpet is laid directly on the heating foil

Floor Heating for Caravans is a heating foil which is only 0.3 mm thick. It is based on a plastic film with carbon printing, sealed with a strong plastic film. Floor Heating for Caravans can be installed directly on the floor of the caravan. The direct contact with the overlying carpet provides fast-acting underfloor heating.

This means that your caravan or motorhome does not need a major renovation. You can install the floor yourself, which means you don't need an installer.

Your underfloor heating system is ideal in the caravan for the cold months

The winter months can be cold when you are camping at this time of the year. That doesn't mean you just have to accept that your feet are cold - especially when you can easily heat your floor.

Your underfloor heating can be controlled directly through a thermostat that has an electronic temperature display. It is mounted on a wall in your caravan or motorhome, in a place where you won't risk hitting it when you walk by. 

With us, you get a 10-year guarantee on heating foil.

See our selection of heating foil here.

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