Frost Protection cables with integrated thermostat and plug


Frost protections of pipes.

These cables can be used in many contexts, including frost protection of pipes and containers. The heating cable is self-regulating, which means that it regulates itself meter by meter. There is a built-in thermostat so that the cable switches on at +5° C.

The DVU heating cable is used in places where you want to maintain a certain temperature on pipe installations.

Typical areas of application are hot water and drainage installations in homes, properties, institutions, industry and more.

The self-regulating cable is also available without a thermostat - see more information here.

PEX Guard self-regulating pipe-in-pipe frost protection cables


Frost protection by refrigerator doors.

These heating cables are designed to be laid in drain pipes in cooling systems installed in fridge and freezer rooms. They only operate during the defrost cycle.

The heating cables are adapted to compressors to prevent coolant from being absorbed into the oil. At lower temperatures the oil is absorbed faster and more efficiently, which can cause significant damage to the compressor, especially during start-up due to a lack of lubrication.

20 meter Pex guard
Varmemåtter til varmebord Handy Heat

Heating Mats

The heating mat is completely waterproof and provides a good distribution of heat to overlying sand or soil.

The heating mat can be used as a heating pad under plant boxes or terrariums.  

Without covering, the mat reaches a temperature of 30-35° C.

Handyheat's cable for water applications

The cable is specially designed for water applications.

The picture shows our DVU solution, which contains ½” and ¾” thread for the inside of the pipe. Along the pipe you can see our DVU solution – a cable for external use. We recommend that you use aluminum tape for fastening. The tape is resistant to chemicals and heat and is also excellent at reflecting heat.


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